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Bear stuck in cookie jar is rescued by NJ's Dept. of Environmental Protection

Cub caught in cookie jar in New Jersey
Cub caught in cookie jar in New Jersey
NJ Dept of Environmental Protection Agency

A bear cub was quite frightened after it got its head stuck in a huge cookie jar. The incident happened while the bear was rummaging through some trash in New Jersey, according to an ABC News report on Tuesday. Larry Ragonese of the Environmental Protection Department says that the cub is just 6-months old and was roaming around in the town of Ringwood when it found the animal crackers cookie jar.

After discovering the cookie jar, the cub decided to reach its mouth into the jar to get the remaining cookies. The 28-pound cub reportedly pulled the cookies jar over its head and couldn’t get out. It was stuck on his head. When approached by someone trying to assist the cub, it got freaked out and ran up a tree some 40 feet in the air.

The Environmental Protection Department staff members put a net around the area in case the cub would have fallen to the ground. Then, a biologist with the Environmental Protection Department had to tranquilize the bear before bringing it down out of the tree. In the last step of the adventure, firefighters did the duty of cutting the jar off the cub’s head, according to a CBC report.

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA is an agency of the United States federal government and has state agencies, as this New Jersey agency that assisted in this incident. The agency was created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment by writing and enrorcing regulations based on laws passed by the United States Congress. The organization was proposed over 40 years ago by President Richard M. Nixon, and the agency began its operations on Dec. 2, 1970. It is a beneficial organization in situations like the cub incident in New Jersey.