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Bear stuck in cookie jar: Curious bear cub wedged in a tree, safe rescue to wild

A bear stuck in a cookie jar is showing that a little curiosity can get you in quite the pickle — or a large glass jar, that is. A black bear cub must have been very hungry when he wriggled his head inside of the empty object; even when help arrived, he got himself wedged into a tree out of fear. Fortunately, Web Pro News reveals this Wednesday, July 2, that everything turned out all right for this Winnie the Pooh alike in the end, as he was safely rescued and is set to be returned to the wild.

Bear stuck in a cookie jar is rescued and returned to the wild
Twitter Photo File, via WebProNews

A bear cub in north New Jersey somehow managed to get itself completely stuck inside a “cookie” jar of animal crackers this weekend. The black bear was unable to get its head out, but local authorities soon arrived on the scene to offer the understandably alarmed animal their assistance. A spokesperson for the local Environmental Protection Department confirmed that an emergency call about the curious situation was made Friday evening.

Apparently, a resident that was taking her dog for a walk around her Ringwood home noticed the animal in trouble, and quickly called in the funny-looking — but altogether serious — case. The bear stuck in a cookie jar was soon found by the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Bear Team, but the male cub wasn’t stumbling around on the ground anymore.

According to a report from USA Today, the 6-month-old black bear sensed a human approaching and — afraid of its already precarious situation — fled to a tree. Yet the animal soon found itself wedged into the branches and finding it difficult to move or navigate the aerial territory with a cookie jar on its head.

The woman who phoned in the animal emergency has been identified as Nancy Lagomarsino of New Jersey. She saw the bear cub struggling with the foreign object on its head, and knew that something had to be done. After making sure that both she and her dog, Daisy, were safe, she did the right thing and called for help.

“It was then I realized the poor thing is up a tree with plastic over his head and the sun was just beating right on it,” said Lagomarsino. “I said, ‘oh my gosh, I can’t not do anything.’”

Protection agency officials confirmed that the plastic jar was an animal cookie case (go figure), and the curious bear cub that got stuck inside it was trying to nibble on the last crumbs of food. Fortunately, the rescue team was safely able to bring him down from the tree back to the ground and remove the jar from his head. Scared and dehydrated, the animal was offered some refreshing water and placed in an animal rehabilitation center for a short while.

He will remain there briefly before being returned to the wild, finished the press release. Hopefully, next time this inquisitive little creature will know where not to stick his nose. It was a happy turn of events that a capable rescue team was able to save the day for this Winnie the Pooh wannabe. Officials used the occasion to remind the public to refrain from littering, as proper throwing away of such a cookie jar would have prevented the innocent animal from getting wedged inside the plastic in the first place.

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