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Bear shocks couple visiting Pasadena

A couple visiting Pasadena, Calif. were shocked when a bear was standing on the porch right next to them as they exited the residence they were staying in. While the couple didn't see the bear even though it was ridiculously close to them, the incredible encounter was caught on a security camera.

In the footage (above), you can see the bear just standing there, curiously looking at the couple as they came out of the house. The couple walked to their car and after a few seconds, the bear started to follow them.

The couple didn't notice the bear until they reached their vehicle. The man advised his wife to get into the car and he made the decision to head back to the residence. The bear either bit him or clawed him in the calf and he had to get a tetanus shot. He is expected to be okay.

Check out the video above to see the bear looking at the couple. In many ways it's good that they didn't see it sooner -- their panic could have caused the bear to attack.

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