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Bear saves cub from busy highway: Viral video of mama bear grabbing cub off road

The incredible moment when a mama bear saves her cub from on-coming highway traffic was captured on video by a professional storm chaser. When Ricky Forbes was driving through British Columbia’s Kootenay National Park he was astonished with what he saw after a tiny bear cub had stumbled onto the busy roadway.

A mama bear saves her cub in a video clip that reminds the world that nature is in danger, from the humans.
YouTube screen shot

According to ABC News on May 21, Forbes caught this display of a mother’s love in the wild when the mama bear swoops down to pick up her cub with her mouth, getting it off the highway. Forbes, who lives in Alberta, Canada, kept his camera on the cub to see what would happen next and he got quite the video of nature at work.

Forbes who was out chasing storms, with the hopes of taping a tornado, caught one of the “coolest videos” he’s ever filmed. He is a member of the Tornado Hunters storm chasing team. When he saw the cub on the side of the highway he stopped and started filming. suggests that this video “shows humanity’s ruthless encroachment on nature.” You have to agree they hit the nail on the head! This little fellow was where he belonged in the deep woods, than bang, he falls onto concrete with cars whizzing by, causing a dangerous situation for the cub.

You can see in the video above how the mama bear uses her mouth to grab her cub and bring it back to the other side of the barrier it had stumbled over. She gets the cub on the other side, which looks like a thick forest, a much safer place for a baby cub than a busy road.

The tiny cub, which is no bigger than a child’s teddy bear, is first seen on the side of the road looking around as cars pass by. The cub looks bewildered, as if it hasn’t seen this type of action yet in its young life. Forbes said watching that huge mama bear sticking her head out and grabbing her cub was a “very amazing sight to see.” The video, which has gone viral, has over a million views today. It is safe to say that many agree, it is quite an amazing sight!

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