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Bear in hammock picture goes viral: Florida bear's hammock hang-out coming down

Bear in hammock may look adorable, but it could easily attack the next person who happens by.
Bear in hammock may look adorable, but it could easily attack the next person who happens by.
Rafael Torres

Check out this black bear relaxing on a hammock in a Florida backyard. Apparently he or she liked it so much, it stayed for about 20 minutes in Vincent James' yard. It is James who is usually lounging in his soft white hammock on a lazy afternoon, but this weekend another visitor took over, according to The Gawker on May 31.

James went outside with his friend who snapped pictures of his visitor and the creature didn't seem a bit disturbed by their presence. The home owner's friend was all of 60-feet away from the bear taking photos. The bear seemed as if he found a respite spot for the afternoon until something spooked him and he ran away.

He left as quickly as he came, but when James looked out in the backyard about a half of an hour later, the bear was back again, in the hammock. Rafael Torres snapped the pictures of the bear, which have gone viral across the social networks today.

Anyone who has been downwind of a bear in the wild can attest to their gamey smell. You often smell the pungent odor of a bear before you actually see it. While nothing was mentioned about the odor, one has to wonder what that lovely white hammock smelled like when the black bear took its leave.

Not to mention the condition of the hammock that was probably made to hold a full size adult of no more than 200 pounds. It looks like this fellow might have been all that and then some. It definitely has the hammock stretched really close to the ground.

Apparently this bear is no stranger to the neighborhood, it is one of several that have been spotted in the past going through people's garbage cans rummaging for food. Now that the bear has found a favorite resting place, James is taking the hammock down. As cute as these pictures look, that bear could attack at anytime.

According to CNN News today, "James felt bemused by the bear" but the danger is there, law enforcement stress. Wildlife officials don't want people to encourage the bears to come onto their property by feeding them. An 81-year-old woman from Sebring was arrested last winter for feeding dog food to bears on her property.

One woman in Florida came across bears rummaging through her garbage in her open garage. One bear knocked her down and started to drag her off into the woods. After quite the struggle she got away and ran into the house just in time to collapse from her injuries. As cute as that bear looks lounging in the hammock, it can turn on you in a second, especially if you come across a mama bear with her cubs.

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