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Bear Grylls new series ‘Running Wild’ offers wilderness trip to Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller goes off in the wilderness with Bear Grylls for reality show
Photo by Valerio Pennicino

Bear Grylls is getting some one on one time with funnyman Ben Stiller in the upcoming edition of "Running Wild With Bear Grylls." This intriguing wilderness survival show offers a look at taking on nature while dragging a celebrity along for good measure. According to Stars Entertainment on Friday Ben Stiller will be measuring up to the unpredictable and unforgiving challenges of Mother Nature.

Taking Ben Stiller to places that no star would ever go willingly, the 48-hour adventure is to a cavern embedded deep within the Scottish wilderness. Looking to build trust and find their way, the two climbers share a mutual bond of coming out alive (and bringing the camera crew with them too.) Of course the viewers get the chance to see Stiller learning survival skills and having the adventure of a lifetime.

Bear Grylls really has an opportunity to transform celebrities with the viewers watching. Taking the stars out of Hollywood and placing them in an environment that isn't typical (even for the average individual) there is some comfort in known that even famous people need to take time to make the most out of every situation. Add that the two will be surrounded in an environment that doesn't care that Stiller is a star and the reality show premise is very interesting.

Ben Still isn't the only star willing to try his luck with nature. NBC along with Bear has convinced Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Deion Sanders, Tom Arnold and "Today" show anchor Tamron Hall to explore the wilderness during the season. Will Bear Grylls offer a breakthrough to every star he works with? So far he has impressed everyone with his time last week with Zac Efron so it’s definitely possible!

Don’t forget to watch "Running Wild With Bear Grylls” with Ben Stiller on Monday night. And if you are a huge Ben Stiller fan like us, keep an eye for his upcoming movie “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.” It sounds to be a great film for the whole family.

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