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Bear enters home in Bailey, attacks man

A bear ambles near our home in Clear Creek County last summer.
A bear ambles near our home in Clear Creek County last summer.
Photo credit: G. Knight, July 2009


  • Lu 5 years ago

    Yikes. Wonder if that was one of my next-door neighbors!

  • Ryan 5 years ago

    Having been face to face with bears at our house, I can clearly say it's exciting and dangerous at the same time!

  • JR Bailey Casper Coffee Examiner 5 years ago

    Hey Kathy,

    Sorry, but whether two legged or four legged invaders, someone/thing enters my home uninvited, they'll be getting the 1911 or 12ga. treatment.

    The Founders based our country on the self-reliance of citizens taking care of ourselves and the existence of the constabulary for those instances when overwhelming force was needed to meet overwhelming force.

    Bear or human, it may make it inside the house, but getting back OUT?

    Ah, now there's the rub!

    Mulligan bear stew all around.....and we can make a run to town for some quality Cognac using the rendered bear fat in the diesel rig!

    Cheers from Wyoming.

  • Herman 5 years ago

    Make sure that your doors and windows are strong and locked!

  • Linda W 5 years ago

    That's too exciting for me! I hope there aren't any who would try to get in RV.

  • sue 5 years ago

    Oh my that makes me nervous! Feel sorry for the bear but when it comes down to me and my family or him---it would have to be him!

  • Leslie 5 years ago

    Ryan: I thought bears just needed a little love?

    Hear that Div. of Wildlife advice, Kathy? Don't try to engage the bear! I know you!

  • Patty 5 years ago

    I have been told that if you encounter a bear and you are with a friend....make sure that you can run the fastest!!! All joking aside, do heed the advise above.

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