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Bear cub gets stuck in cookie jar: Baby bear recovering after dumpster diving

When a bear gets its head stuck in a cookie jar, the news sounds like a scene from "Winnie the Pooh." However, the scene that unfolded in New Jersey on Friday was the real deal, this according to a July 3 Shine report.

A sloth bear cub gets a treat of fruit served on a block of ice to help him stay cool in his enclosure at Brookfield Zoo
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

A black bear cub got stuck inside a cookie jar while searching for food in a dumpster in Ringwood. Someone spotted the 6-month-old bear cub in distress and called for help. When animal rescuers arrived, the 28-pound animal became spooked. And when bears become spooked, they do what instinct tells them to do: run up the nearest tree -- a 40-foot one.

As one can imagine, the tiny bear was not coming down voluntarily, with or without its head wedged inside a jar. And the long distance from the ground didn't make matters any easier for rescue workers.

Along with the Environmental Protection Department, local New Jersey fire fighters hatched a plan to get the animal out of its predicament before it ran out of oxygen to breathe. Using a special gun, workers fired a tranquilizer dart into the bear and moments later, it was asleep. This gave firemen the opportunity to rescue the frightened animal.

On the ground, the cookie jar was cut away from the bear’s head, but the cub appeared to have lost its strength from dehydration. Cool water was applied to the animal to bring the temperature down and hydrate the little fella.

Days after the bear cub got stuck in the plastic cookie jar; it appears to be recovering well, according to Larry Ragonese with the EPD.

The situation ended well, but it underscores the need for humans to be more responsible when discarding trash. Each year, a large number of animals have to be rescued after consuming hazardous items thrown into dumpsters. Others are not so lucky and a number of them are killed by poisons, choking, and internal injuries.

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