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Bear Creek United Methodist Women's Weekend features Shannon Perry

As a woman, I just love when something “fits” me! Don’t you?! Nothing that is too tight or binding or too big or too small -- when something “fits” it not only feels right but looks good too! Well Shannon Perry, Houston’s own, is a national conference speaker, songwriter and performer who knows it too!

Shannon Perry, gifted singer, songwriter, speaker and author will bless the women of BCUMC in April!

Shannon Perry is wife to David (by the way who owns Perry Pools), mom to Sean whose in the Air Force, and a teacher and counselor. Shannon’s latest ministry project is called “If the Shoe Fits” and has four sessions; “Goody Two Shoes, Lacing Up the Tongue, Is there a Hole in Your Sole?” and, “Walk a Mile in My Shoes.“ Her latest CD called “The Real Thing” recorded by Chae (David’s nickname for her) Music compliments her “If the Shoe Fits” conference. The message is real, timely and touching!

“Far too many women are buying into lies these days,” she says. “The enemy tells us ‘you’re fat, ugly, short, tall, worthless’ and the list goes on-- so that we are stuck, not growing, and live in the same rut for many years of our lives. My prayer is that these events would help women find truth for their lives so that they not only leave the conference changed, but their marriages, children, families, friends, church and world are changed because they are finally set free to live the life they were called, anointed and chosen to live.”

Though the “If The Shoe Fits” conferences and “The Real Thing” CD are less than a year old, Shannon is already making plans for more projects. She’s working on a book to be released next year, and she’s also offering conferences specifically for teenage girls entitled “Don’t Flip-flop in Your Walk with Jesus.” She is also the host of the radio show “Grace In High Heels” and is a contributing writer to the largest Christian internet site, “” With all of her undertakings, however, Shannon doesn’t want to become famous as the Imelda Marcos of Christian-dom. Instead, she hopes her efforts are pointing clearly heaven-ward.

“If the women and girls I minister to are looking to me to give them what they need, we are all in serious trouble,” Shannon admits. “While I can attempt to present the truth of the Word so that it is palatable, real and understandable, I cannot change lives. That is God’s job, and I know that through His power, the truths presented in these conferences can have an eternal impact. But if I ever try to do all this without Him, well then, we’re all better off to stay home and bake brownies.

So why not see if some time spent with Shannon and her touching message, “fits” you? An upcoming Women’s Weekend hosted by Bear Creek United Methodist Church will be held Friday, April 16th through April 18th at Heartland Country Inn in Brenham, Texas.

You are cordially invited to attend and bring a friend or two! Registration for this event is available now! The price includes four meals and two night‘s accommodations for only $110 by March 14, and then it goes up to $150 by March 30, and finally to $175 April 1-4; registration deadline is April 4. For attending on Saturday it is only is $50 and includes lunch and dinner. The April Women’s Weekend with Shannon and the ladies of Bear Creek United Methodist Church will not only make you feel right but look good too!


  • Judy L. 5 years ago

    Christine, you've captured the energy and love for the Lord that was present in the room as Shannon Perry introduced herself. I'm encouraged and excited about the weekend where she'll be sharing more of herself and her walk with Christ, as she inspires us, and many others, to a deeper relationship with Him.

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