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Beans in the Belfry of Brunswick, Maryland makes a wonderful cup of coffee

The town of Brunswick, Maryland has respectfully called in for a second review of their businesses and since this reporter has very little else to do the reporter decided to respectfully fulfill the obligation to re-evaluate the current conditions of such an opportunity and too graciously and humbly give the town of Brunswick a second go around.

Beans in the Belfry in Brunswick, Maryland
Jodi Emmer
Beans in The Belfry
jodi emmer

Brunswick, Maryland has a very 50’s appeal to it. The train station as mentioned prior to this report is a beautiful building and the town in and of itself sits peacefully on the Eastern side of the Potomac River along the C & O trails that offer biking and hiking on the Maryland side. Brunswick is about an hour from Washington D.C. so there are commuters who live this far out to travel by train to their offices in D.C.

Houses are incredibly affordable out here. The going rate for a 3 bedroom, 2 Bathroom single family home which has a front yard and a backyard and many other amenities costs $164,000. A four bedroom, 2 full bathroom home which has 2900 square acres and sits on a 0.28 acre lot is listed at $268,500.

Brunswick sits about eight miles from Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia where there is tubing and boating for the active crowd. Shepherdstown, West Virginia is about twenty miles away and the businesses there in that college town offer a sophisticated dining experience. They have the Bavarian Inn which is a landmark business along with many other smaller Bed and Breakfast entities that enhance the town of Shepherdstown and creates a tourist appeal.

At first glance, the town of Brunswick has no major landmark business; there are no hotels or bed and breakfasts within Brunswick. They cannot feed off the tourist attractions because there are none to speak of in Brunswick. There are no four star restaurants, no boutiques or shopping sections.

There is however, one incredible business that is Beans in the Belfry, which is an incredible coffee shop located within a church. It has live music on the weekends with jazz ensembles playing there frequently. The coffee is divine and worth the trip. They offer a great lunch menu with organic and vegetarian choices. Wraps and sandwiches.

The menu offers soup, chili, quiche, French quarter baguettes, veggies Panini and a full breakfast menu that is extremely reasonably priced. There are coffee drinks and espresso drinks and many choices of tea and chai latte and spiced apple cider, and hot chocolate for the kids. The service is incredibly friendly and the staff knows their food and their clientele. This coffee shop is very social and friendly and everyone knows each other. The business is in a wonderful location and sits in a restored church that is roughly 100 years old.

They engage in many events and there are lots of bands that play there. Check the webpage for the full listing of events they offer. The menu is online as well.

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