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Beanitos Bean Chips are a healthier snacking alternative

It seems that everybody is doing something to get themselves on the healthy side of life. While losing weight may be the number one resolution that people make, many that don’t desire weight loss are looking to make better food choices.

Beanitos Restaurant Style White Bean with Sea Salt chips looks like regular chips but has a completely different taste that is surprisingly good. These chips are vegan.
Beanitos Chipotle BBQ chips with a mock chicken salad sandwich
Robin D. Everson

America is a snacking country. We love our chips. They go so well with hot dogs, sandwiches, dips and football watching; it is “our” food.

Brothers Doug and Dave Foreman of Austin, Texas, have redefined one of America’s favorite snacks with the creation of Beanitos The Original Bean Chip.

I know what you’re thinking. “Bean Chips?” I thought the same thing when I saw them on the shelf at my local Whole Foods Market. I looked at the back of the bag for the list of ingredients. I recently adopted a vegan diet and spend a lot more time reading the nutrition and ingredient lists on food packaging. After seeing the Vegan icon and reading the list of ingredients, I figured I would be adventurous and try a bag of the Chipotle BBQ flavored bean chips.

Boy, was I surprised. They didn’t taste like I thought they would. Yes, I must admit I purchased the bag thinking they might taste like cardboard but hey, I’ve survived worse, remember rice cakes?

The chips were really good. Good enough that I finished a six-serving bag in three servings. Oops. I must remember to work on portion control.

I have tried all six flavors. Four of them are vegan (Restaurant Style White Bean with Sea Salt, Simply Pinto Bean with Sea Salt, Original Black Bean with Sea Salt and Chipotle BBQ). The Nacho Cheese White Bean Chips and the Better Cheddar Pinto Bean Chips have cheese derived from pasteurized milk making them vegetarian.

Each flavor is unique – it is not a regular corn chip. It is a healthier alternative since most corn chips have about 2 grams of protein and Beanitos has 4 grams. Beanitos has about the same number of calories and fat as corn chips but they are lower in sodium 110/140mg per serving compared to 220mg, lower in sugar 0g compared to 2g and are much higher in fiber 5/6g compared to 1g.

Other bonuses are that the chips have no trans fats, are all natural, have no preservatives, no MSGs, no GMOs, are gluten-free, certified Kosher and my favorite: a certified low glycemic food, which is great for those of us dealing with Type II Diabetes.

Beanitos are available at Whole Foods Market, Central Market and Albertson’s.

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