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Bean Association Dinner Site may be new Vigo County Park

The Vigo County Parks Department wants to buy land from the Bean Dinner Association. Members of the Fontanet Action Community Team met with the parks council members to discuss the events history. They also discussed plans to sell the current site to the County during the council's August meeting.

The county wants to acquire privately owned land for this purpose. The land exists just outside of Fontanet, a small town in the northern part of Vigo County. The bean dinner has taken place outside of its borders since 1907.

The Bean Diner Association plans to buy one piece of land from Peter Goda. Acquiring the property would provide easier access to the current site.

If the parks department buys the property, Vigo County would update and maintain the land. One shed on the proposed property would remain in the hands of the Bean Dinner Association.

Civil war veterans originally held the event at the DuPont Powder Mill, but it moved to its current location after an explosion. Each participant rode the train to get there, and they brought beans and hard tack. Their contributions were pooled to create the resulting dinners. Hard tack was a crusty, bread-like substance eaten by soldiers on both sides.

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