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Beam me up PhotoShelter

As a commercial photographer, the assets I use to represent my business are critical. This means that any partner I integrate into my workflow not only affects me but my client’s perception. The bottom line is any product my business incorporates needs to be easy to use, cost effective, relevant and current in the market place.

Keith B Dixon specializes in commercial and residential photography
Thirty Seven Media Publishing

One of the most critical elements in my photo delivery system is PhotoShelter. I use this system to showcase my work, sell images, manage my archives, and deliver images to my clients.

I have used PhotoShelter since 2007 and over that 7-year span I have seen this company continually grow, innovate, and provide one of the best cost effective online imaging delivery systems available. According to PhotoShelter’s website:

“…offers a suite of portfolio website templates built with the latest technology to showcase images at their best. Over 80,000 photographers use PhotoShelter’s websites, social and SEO tools to attract new clients; online image archives to stay organized; and image delivery and e-commerce tools to sell their work. To grow your business, manage it more efficiently, or find new ways to market yourself and delight your clients….”

Sometimes it is hard to believe some of the statements that companies make. But, PhotoShelter’s claim is pretty accurate and I would highly recommend their product offering. If you are seeking out an online photo management and archiving system then PhotoShelter is a good choice.

Recently, PhotoShelter released “Beam, ” basically a website platform for photographers built on HTML 5 that gives you a consistent look across all your devices such as your desktop, laptop, tablets, and smart phones.

This year marks my 8th year in the photography industry as a professional. At 8pm tonight, I will launch a new brand and website Keith B Dixon Architectural Photography, a site created on the PhotoShelter “Beam” platform. So join me as I “Beam Up” my new site.

You can read about and sign up for your own PhotoShelter Beam account here.

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