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Beagle puppy’s rescue from university lab inspires Beagle Bill in California

A six-month-old Beagle puppy’s rescue from a UC, Davis testing lab is being told as part of the Beagle Freedom Project’s campaign in California. Now named Jerry, the dog took his first steps as a free dog on Sacramento’s capitol lawn. The location was a perfect choice for the young Beagle because he was named after Governor Jerry Brown of California. Despite his ordeal from birth, where he did not enjoy fresh air or the affection of a family, Jerry still has a sweet nature and is loving life as a free dog.

Jerry, a six-month-old Beagle puppy, was named after the Governor of California and his rescue story is being told as part of a Beagle Bill campaign in the State.
Beagle Freedom Project

California is one of three states that the Beagle Freedom Project is investing their advocacy efforts. During his first freedom walk, Jerry was joined by legislative staff from Senator Ted Lieu’s office. Senator Liu is the chief author of the Beagle Bill. Other Sacramento based supporters of Jerry and the Beagle Freedom Project included Maria Conchita Alonso and Shannon Keith, who are also supporting the Beagle Bill in California.

The aim of the Beagle Freedom Bill is to encourage cruelty-free research in labs. If the Bill is passed into law in California, any state-funded laboratory would have to turn over their research animals and make them available for public adoption. Currently, once these lab animals have fulfilled their use by the labs, they are euthanized as part of standard practice.

Beagles are a popular choice of laboratory animal for research purposes because of their gentle mild nature. There are breeders who specifically produce litters to be sold to labs rather than be adopted by families. Beagles have had tubes shoved down their throats, denied sunlight and outdoor exercise, and often confined to small cages. Puppies as young as Jerry or even younger are subjected to experimentation on a regular basis.

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