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Beagle Freedom Project launches Beagle Freedom Bill campaign

The beloved Peanuts cartoon character Snoopy is possibly one of the most well-known animated dogs in the world. Snoopy was also based on the Beagle breed and for decades, cartoonist Charles M. Schultz illustrated many popular stories featuring the intelligent dog and his pal Woodstock on their many adventures.

Beagles are the breed of choice for labs because they are gentle ~ Beagle Freedom Project
Beagle Freedom Project

Beagles are a popular breed among pet lovers but they are also popular for another, more somber reason. Due to their gentle nature, Beagles are bred as lab animals, and its something something the Beagle Freedom Project wants to change with a new campaign.

The Beagle Freedom Bill campaign is aimed at ending the plight of Beagles in testing labs. The organization is encouraging supporters to join them in helping end the use of Beagles for commercial purposes as testing animals. According to the Beagle Freedom Project: The Beagle Freedom Bill will ensure that tax-payer funded laboratories in MN offer up the dogs and cats for public adoption through rescue organizations like BFP at the end of research. Today, standard procedure is to summarily euthanize (destroy) all of these animals.

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