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Beagle chicken nuggets video: Dog and nuggets become Martha Stewart of canines

Beagle chicken nuggets is the name of a viral video and it is not about dog meat used to make chicken nuggets it’s about an extremely resourceful dog. This dog goes into the toaster oven to get the chicken nuggets its owner was cooking. This new viral video shows what looks like the Martha Stewart of the canine set!

Beagle and his chicken nuggets is now a viral video showing a dog helping himself to dinner after taking it out of the oven.
YouTube screen shot

According to Web Pro News on Jan.11 The beagle, whose name is Lucy, was home alone when she took chicken nuggets out of the microwave to have herself a meal. She can be seen going around the kitchen table in circles as if she is figuring out her next move. The smell of the chicken nuggets cooking apparently entices this extremely smart pup to find a way to get to the poultry morsels.

It didn’t take long for Lucy to wrangle a kitchen chair over to the sink area and then jump up onto the counter giving her a straight shot to the microwave. With a whisk of her paw she opens what looks more like a toaster oven than a microwave, but the details to Lucy’s story detail the cooking method as microwave.

After a couple of quick attempts at getting the hot chicken nuggets out of the oven, the dog swipes the entire metal tray right out of the toaster oven and it crashes to the kitchen floor. (It has to be a toaster oven because a metal tray cannot go in the microwave while its on).

When the tray falls it spreads those chicken nuggets all over the floor, much to the dogs delight. Lucy now has full access to the food and the dog no longer has the obstacle of a hot oven to contend with.

While this is one really astonishing video to watch, it is hard to believe that the folks that live there actually left the house with the chicken nuggets cooking in a toaster oven or microwave, as the story goes.

A better back story might have been that the dog’s owner put the chicken nuggets in a toaster oven then went to take a quick shower. Either way, even if the nuggets were meant for the dog, Lucy did a lot of work to get to those breaded morsels and she still goes down as one of the most resourceful dogs on YouTube today!

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