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Beagle chicken nuggets: Lucy the beagle uses smarts to get snack, video a hit

Are beagle chicken nuggets the strangest new addition to a fast food place’s menu? Thankfully not, though a video of one hungry dog named Lucy is making waves this week after her owner caught the female beagle cleverly using her smarts in the kitchen to her advantage in order to have some chicken nuggets as a snack of her own. The Christian Post shares the newest information on this daring and hilarious clip this Friday, Jan. 10, 2014.

Beagle chicken nuggets: Lucy the beagle uses smarts to get snack, video a hit
YouTube Media Screenshot, Christian Post

The beagle chicken nuggets video has garnered nearly one million views already on YouTube, with thousands more viewers tuning in to see Lucy have some fun in the kitchen every hour. user Rodd Scheinerman decided to show the world how smart his pet dog really is this week after secretly recording what Lucy the beagle does while her owners are away. After putting a hidden camera in their kitchen, he leaves the room and lets the intelligence and jumping prowess of his pet go to work.

After depositing some chicken nuggets into the toaster oven and setting it at the proper temperature, he waits for the smell of the heating meat to encourage Lucy to use her smarts to try and get to it. While most dogs would only look up hungrily at the countertop, this clever beagle decides to try her best to get to the snack in a smart, unconventional way. If anything, the funny and cute footage shows how intelligent our pet dogs can truly be.

As seen in the original comments on the beagle chicken nuggets clip, most viewers have a hoot watching this sleuthing dog try to figure his way out to the tasty snack not intended for him. The video has been shared thousands of times in just a few days over Facebook and other social media sites, a trend that will likely will continue in the weeks to come.

It looks as if this hit dog lovers' video is one of our first viral clips of 2014.