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Beagle chicken nuggets: Dog not denied; cam captures Lucy stealing nuggets

A "beagle chicken nuggets" story from last year has just gone viral. It's about Lucy, a dog who wouldn't be denied the chance to munch on some crunchy nuggets. But there was only one problem: devising a way to reach them. Not to worry, a camera captured the moment the shrewd pet beagle got her prize, citing a Jan. 10 SideShow news report.

New McDonald's Chicken McNuggets are shown October 6, 2003 in New York Ctiy.
Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

The beagle chicken nuggets viral video is compliments of pet owner, Rodd Scheinerman, who posted the hilarious footage on YouTube to show what happens when he is away from home. Inquisitr quipped that the dog bounces around the table like "Super Mario."

Is Lucy "Smarter than a Fifth Grader?" Well, the jury is still out on that one, but the video of her devising a plan to get her paws and muzzle on the tasty treats is priceless.

It all begins when the sly beagle prances around the kitchen table as the smell of chicken nuggets wafts in the air, all the while appearing to put a plan of attack together.

Moments later, the bell on the hot oven signals the nuggets are done, which likely fuels Lucy's sense of urgency to land her prize.

She climbs on the table and considers taking a leap of faith to her destination, but soon realizes the distance is above her pay grade.

She continues circling the table and then crafts an idea to use her muzzle and paws to push a chair close enough to the sink's counter.

Then, she hops onto the chair and counter, which takes her on a beeline to the oven. But wait; she pauses; obviously realizing the darn thing may be too hot to handle.

But after pacing about a bit, the beagle uses her paw to open the oven door, which allowed her to test the temperature. Well, that's what it looked like.

Then, she reaches in and manages to free one chicken nugget, which falls to the ground. She follows behind her quarry and down the hatch it goes.

And satisfied with the taste on her palate, she heads back to the chair, and -- feeling a bit more sure of herself -- frees up the remaining meat treats, some three or four nuggets.

And within seconds, she's back down on the floor devouring the bounty.


The beagle-chicken nuggets story has nearly a million views since it caught on fire again.

Does your dog's IQ rival Lucy's?


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