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Beacon Hill Colony: Jewel of the Gold Coast

Beacon Hill Colony
Beacon Hill Colony
Photo by Paul Aloe

On the Gold Coast of Long Island, there are various estates and exclusive communities.  The great towns of Great Neck, Port Washington, Roslyn, Sea Cliff, Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor each have claims to the rich and famous.

But there is one place that is considered the most unique in all of Long Island; Beacon Hill Bungalow Colony.  Today it is a small exclusive community of 41 homes; or "bungalows" as some residents still call them.  With values of up to a million dollars, "bungalow" doesn't sound quite right.  The community sits on a hill with its own private beach and dock on Hempstead Harbor where dolphins are known to visit.  Renting is not allowed and potential owners have to be approved by a board.  No where else on the North Shore can waterfront property be purchased for such a reasonable cost.

The "Colony" was originated by people who worked in the sand pits behind it that now form the North Hempstead Golf Course and where Sands Point got its name.  The workers who toiled in the sand pits would erect a bungalow and stake a claim.  There was no running water or electricity. 

About 50 years ago, it became a family summer resort and 41 homes were created from the bungalows.  Families would spend the summer here from Memorial day to Labor Day.  It would start off with a parade and Olympic sporting events for the kids that lived here. It would end with a community play.

Over the decades, more people would make Beacon Hill Colony their full time residence and now most homes are occupied year round. 

Some of the homes go back three generations.  There is a lot of history and stories about people that lived here.  Currently, it is inhabited by the "old timers", winter snowbirds and professionals including four attorneys.  In recent years, many of the homes have been completely rebuilt and are year-round residences.

Beacon Hill Colony is considered a special place by many of the residents; old and new.  It is the jewel of the Gold Coast.


  • Diane Schubach 4 years ago

    Good article but Sands Point is named after The Sands family, not the sand pits.

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