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Beachcombers Driftwood Show in Westport WA a success despite the rain

Beachcombers 52nd Annual Driftwood Show-slide0
Paige Harlow

Spring has kicked off and despite the downpours Westport has started with their Centennial Celebration Events. One of the first events was a display of driftwood art. The weekend of April 5-6 saw the 52nd Beachcombers Driftwood Show take place in the Grayland Community Hall. The show centered around beachcombing and the art that comes from it. From driftwood to glass floats to paintings to photography, artists submitted their work to be judged.

Paige Harlow, a volunteer at the event, said it was an extremely “wet, wet Saturday” when the show began. She said, “People of all shapes, size, and age came out. This year families tromped into the community hall in Grayland in bright rubber boots and jackets.”

Live music went on and despite the rain the event was said to be a success. Local musical talent sang and played on stage. The Grayland Players, the local theater group, sold tickets and manned various volunteer positions throughout the show. Fiddler on the Roof opens there in May and tickets were on sale for the production.

Paige Harlow went on to describe the event, “Venders lined the hall with jewelry, art, and driftwood sculptures. And just amazing pieces of driftwood, flotsam and jetsam so unique and strange that nothing need be added other than the amazement of the onlooker at nature’s designs. Beautiful blown glass displayed on the hall with twinkling white lights behind them to enhance the rainbow effect of their amassed magnificence.”

Attendees were able to purchase hunting licenses. Others who came for the music could enjoy food and drink in the hall. Harlow said she recommends the event for anyone considering a trip to Westport next year, “A flowering of art and wonder in this sleepy town will surprise many but those lucky enough to live there or know of this place.”

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