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BeachCandy gets you in that stylish swimwear mood

Have a patriotic summer with BeachCandy Swimwear.
Have a patriotic summer with BeachCandy Swimwear.
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The buzz on the beach these days is BeachCandy Swimwear, a brand of swimwear that makes the perfect-fitting suit. This swimwear has redefined the meaning of beauty at the beach. Focusing on the assets that a woman has been gifted with, each swimsuit only enhances both the inner and outer qualities that shape each of their customers.

Women will go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect swimsuit that meets all their needs for the summer and far beyond. That place that has helped more women with swimwear needs is BeachCandy Swimwear, which is located in Corona del Mar, California. Not only will you find the swimsuit of your dreams, but high-quality caftans and creative cover-ups with splashing vivid patterns as well. Luxurious fabrics are used to exude elegance through timeless design and the suits are finished off with Swarovski crystal "candy" finishing.

BeachCandy travels the world to satisfy their customers and introduce their stylish swimsuits. From May 29th through May 31st, the swimwear could be seen at a Trunk Show at the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and coming up on June 6, 2014, the label will be holding a fashion show at Posch Restaurant & Lounge in Irvine, California. Mid-month July brings the newest swimwear collection directly to Miami Beach to take part in Miami Swim Week.

Other exciting news in the world of BeachCandy Swimwear is the production of a one-of-a-kind exclusive swimwear collection which is a collaboration between BeachCandy designer, Brit Barber, and the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort. The couture two-piece swimsuit is handmade of proprietary Italian fabric with an intricate Swarovski crystal-candied halter top and a sleek high-waisted bottom. Resplendent in The Resort's signature black and gold hues, each swimsuit requires over 15 hours of hand stitching to apply individual Swarovski crystal beads to the stylish high neckline, adding stunning texture and dimension. The suit’s high-performance nylon spandex blend is also double-stitched to support a woman’s natural curves and make her feel fabulous while wearing it. The sophisticated suit is now available through special order, and two additional ready-to-wear designs will be available for purchase at the Resort’s award-winning Spa Gaucin.

Each month, one of BeachCandy's unique swimsuits is featured in their monthly newsletter to give beach lovers a preview of some of the breathtaking styles that await them. Step into a serene and wildly wet world of sexy and sophisticated swimwear that will shape your world this summer. Go to to check out all the pleasing pieces.