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Beachbody releases Body Beast video targeting women

Coach Natalie shows some of her results from Body Beast, citing "Body Beast is for women too"
Coach Natalie shows some of her results from Body Beast, citing "Body Beast is for women too"

Beachbody lived up to the hype with the release of a new video for Body Beast, a home workout program marketed to building muscle, but the company is no longer setting its sights on just men.

In the original release, Body Beast used phrases such as “man up” and “eat like a man” to gain the attention of men who wanted an increase in size and strength. Now they’ve added that Body Beast will take you “from Mommy to Hottie in just 90 days.”

Created by Sagi Kalev, former two-time “Mr. Israel,” clinical nutritionist and Champion Bodybuilder, the Body Beast brand is an all-encompassing body-building home workout program operating under Beachbody, LLC.


Sagi says that Body Beast is not just for men and that women can get the type of body they want by doing the program. Body Beast comes with two platforms to choose from, a “Huge” schedule and a “Lean” schedule.

“You don’t have to be a Body Builder to do Body Beast. You just need to make a decision that you want to get the body you’ve always wanted.”

Beachbody Coach Natalie states “Women will not get the same bulk and size of men because our body chemistry is so different, and the primary difference is Testosterone.” Natalie continues, “Testosterone is the basic hormone that produces bulky muscles. Women simply do not have near enough Testosterone to give us that bulky look. Unfortunately for many women, they see weights or hear the term “muscle” and they assume that they would turn into The Hulk overnight. It is just not in our DNA.”

Despite the popularity Body Beast has gained from men, women have started to catch on too. The new video showcases both women and men.

Shanda N. explains, “Body Beast has completely transformed my body. Swimsuit season is here and I’ve never been more ready.”

“I was like, Body Beast is not for me. I don’t want to get all muscly, and you know, look like one of those body builder girls.” says Stephanie M., a mother of three. “The changes that I saw in my body from Body Beast, I have been able to achieve the small waist and round butt, and it’s easy and it’s fun!”

Stephanie is shown doing the workout in her living room.

Dy Ann P., a mother of two addresses the body transformation women experience from lifting weights.

“Muscle burns fat so you don’t have to be so conscious about what you’re doing cardio wise, because your body, with that muscle, is going to do it for you.”

But it’s not just moms who are catching on. Professional singer, Maggie L. says, “With the Beast, I completely transformed. I really wanted to have that nice, lean waist, and also a nice tighter butt, I’m not going to lie.”

Coach Natalie says Body Beast doesn’t just help your appearance.

“I have scoliosis, hypermobile ribs and a recurring problem with the nerves and discs in my upper and lower back. I was a little cautious about doing Body Beast because of these issues. But it didn’t take me long to notice that as my back got stronger, the recurring pains in my back started diminishing.

Natalie, who coaches women on Body Beast says that she feels “strong” and “solid” for the “first time in a long time.”

“My butt and thighs have always been my problem area and when I look in the mirror now, I have to wonder whose firm, lifted butt that really is because mine has never looked that good before in my whole life! The jiggle is gone and it was replaced with sculpted curves. I’m still in shock!”

Beachbody has an “A+” Rating by the Better Business Bureau and inducted into the Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame in 2011.

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