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Beach home row near the Leucadia bluffs

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Shade trees planted to stand peaceful along the streetway, one block east of Highway 101 in Leucadia, fill in the north-south tree line. The old dirt lot Shea Homes builds new beach houses and Cabana homes now crowds into the local neighborhood rows.

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Coral Cove Way, on the inland railroad track side, enters the living post being built on the coastal field lands to settle in a new neighborhood status quo.

WOrkers, on Friday, landscaped a front lot in the setting that will grow up on the Leucadia strip. On the other side of the tracks from the DOnut Shoppe, paint dried on the front beach house faces. Tiles stacked up on the angled roof flats stayed on hand for the roofer's work.

OPen leasing kept the place a show lot at the office in a Cabana building set up to elcome in the visitors looking for a home.

Outdoor sun covered the back lot workers built the Coral Cove Beach Houses near the parking off the entryway. The neighborhood park grass grows near the walker's landscape workers ut plants inthe dirt.

Home leasers, once the new blocks get fully built, will walk out into an easy living community. THe walk to Beacon's Park and the steps that go down to the beach is a short line, after crossing the railroad tracks. STraight west, and south down Neptune Way.

Leucadia's new neighborhood estate stands on land cut out of the strip. Coral Cove workers lay in the north side and back shaded walks that will join the nieghborhood's three sides.

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