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Beach holiday craft: How to make simple sand candles

Here’s how to make simple sand candles on a holiday beach vacation.
Here’s how to make simple sand candles on a holiday beach vacation.
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Vacation beach holidays are family favorites, as the whole crew takes a trip to enjoy warm-weather fun by the seashore or any of the region’s lakes. Still, kids may enjoy simple beach crafts, creating take home souvenirs from the excursion.

Here’s how to make simple sand candles.

Enlist the children, and have fun in the sun together with this delightful beach candle-making craft! (For safety reasons, this crafty candle project requires hands-on adult supervision, particularly with younger children.)

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First, gather the materials and supplies to make simple sand candles.

  • A sandy beach (At simple sandbox will do, if the sand is clean.)
  • A pail or bucket
  • Water (salt or fresh)
  • A double-boiler pan
  • A stove or hot plate
  • Paraffin wax
  • Old broken crayons
  • Toothpicks
  • Wick string (available at craft stores)
  • Scissors

Follow these instructions to make simple sand candles.

Find a sandy candle-making spot, with clean, dry sand. (At the seashore, be sure to select a location that is above the top water line, so the tide will not come in and surprise you, before you finish your candle-making project!)

Melt the paraffin wax in the double boiler. Add crayon bits for color variations, if you wish.

Take the melted wax to the beach, and do the craft project immediately (before the wax cools). Or, tote buckets of sand from the beach to the lodging place, and complete the sand candle craft there instead.

Fill your beach bucket with water, and use it to dampen the sand slightly. The sand should be somewhat firm and simple to form, not soupy. Use your hands or sand molds to make desired candle shapes.

Pour the melted wax into the shapes you have made in the sand.

While the wax is still somewhat soft and supple, use a toothpick or small stick to poke a hole into the center of each candle. Insert a length of wick string into each hole, leaving about one inch poking up on top.

Pour a bit more wax on top, while holding the wick string upright.

Allow the candles to cool completely before lifting them gently out of the sand. Brush off any excess sand before bringing your candles home from the beach.

Try these simple sand candle variations.

For added interest and texture, try lining the sand molds with tiny seashells or pebbles before pouring wax into the sand candle molds.

Broken crayon pieces or shavings may also be used to line the sand candle molds before the wax is poured. This creates a colorful modern mosaic look, which can be quite appealing.

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