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Beach hole collapses killing man who dug the hole

In shocking news, a beach hole collapsed and killed a man inside of it. He thought he was just enjoying his vacation while digging a hole, but things didn't turn out well for him at all. On Wednesday, People shared about what happened in Northern California. This man dug a hole that was about 10 foot deep and it was all for fun until things went downhill for him.

This happened at Francis State Beach and the man was standing inside the hole on Monday around 5:30 p.m. Then the sand started to come into the hole and it all started to cave around him. There was nothing that they could do as his friends and other people nearby started to rush over and try to help him. It was too late when they all got there.

It took about five minutes to free his head, but he was under the sand for too long. The man was already unconscious when they got him out of the sand. They were able to pull out the body and tried to open up his airways. There was nothing that could be done for this man though.

They spent about 35 minutes working on the man but he died at the scene. This was a shocking way for this man to pass away and makes people think twice about digging holes on vacation. You have to be careful and remember that the sand can fall in on you if you aren't careful. His hole was 10 feet deep and this is not a size that someone would normally dig. It was at a campground area at the beach.

The man was identified as Adam Pye, 26, of San Lorenzo. He was a young man with a lot of life left before he passed away. ABC News shared that CalFire Coastside Capt. Jonathan Cox explained that the man was unconscious by the time firefighters arrived and it was at Francis State Beach in Half Moon Bay.

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