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Beach hole collapses: 26-year-old man dies after sand caves into hole he dug

A beach hole collapsed and killed a 26-year-old man. According to Yahoo! News, a man named Adam Pye was on a California beach when he decided to dig a huge hole in the sand, about 10-feet deep. He was standing inside the whole around 5:30 p.m. when the sand started caving in on him. While there were quite a few bystanders around to rush over and help, the man was already in serious trouble by the time his head was freed from under the sand.

According to the report:

"About 30 people, including the man's friends and bystanders, frantically dug with their hands, buckets and other improvised tools to expose his head. They were able to free his head in about five minutes, just as firefighters arrived at the scene."

The beach hole collapsed at a high rate of speed and Pye couldn't get himself out in time. By the time rescue crews arrived, Pye was unconscious. Paramedics worked to free his airways while others worked to remove sand from the hole so that Pye's body could be pulled out of the hole. Despite their efforts, Pye did not survive; A fun day at the beach turned into unthinkable tragedy.

"Rescuers extricated him in about 35 minutes and tried to revive him, but he died at the scene."

According to, the man dug the hole in a campground area of the beach. This suggests that he was digging the whole for a fire -- maybe making a beach fire pit for an event with friends later that night. This has not been confirmed, however, but there really isn't any other explanation for digging a hole that size.

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