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Beach bound? Try a multi-pronged assault against cellulite: BioElixia, Decleor

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Swimsuit season is well under way . . . but have you been under wraps and big coverups until now? If you're traveling to the beach, you'll want every trick in the book to fight off the appearance of unsightly skin issues like cellulite, stretch marks, flabbiness, lack of tone. You already know to eat right, drink lots of water, exercise. What else can you do?

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Fortunately, two companies out there have weapons in your fight against unsightliness at the beach: Decleor and BioElixia. I was happy to be hosted to experience them!

I came back from a recent trip overseas not ready for primetime at the pool. Doing what I knew I should be doing anyway plus using my arsenal of products has truly helped!

This is what Decleor says about their Slim-Effect gel-creme, though I tried their silky serum:

The Slim Effect Contouring Gel-Cream contains DECLÉOR’s Exclusive Lipo-Cellular Complex and Essential Oils, which combine to act as a powerful localized treatment for cellulite. With its fresh and non-sticky texture, this gel-cream is rapidly absorbed and acts to help promote the reduction of existing fat cells, prevent the formation and storage of new fat cells, stimulate micro-circulation and decongest saturated tissues, and restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness. The appearance of orange-peel skin is reduced and the skin appears more hydrated, smoother and firmer.

The fresh and alluring scent, along with the light, spreadable texture, makes for an easy to apply product. Remember, you have to get into the habit of using it twice a day! The bottle is attractive enough to be on your vanity, unhidden.

All BioElixia® products are free from parabens, formaldehydes, sulphates, phthalates, paraffins, artificial colours and dyes, SLS and SLEs and DEAs.

BioElixia's Body Shaping line addresses each aspect of what's making you feel less than fab on the beach. Scientifically proven combinations of ingredients like caffeine, rice bran oil, aloe vera, green tea, resveratrol and vitamins are behind their Cellulite Contour Creme, Firming Toning Body Lotion and Stretch Mark Diminishing Creme. With a rich lotion texture, you massage them in after a shower (to be warm and damp) or after a workout twice a day and help the process along. Your home becomes a luxe spa!

The Cellulite Contour Creme has been proven to create visible reduction in the appearance in cellulite in just 28 days. What are you waiting for? Don't let summer pass you by.