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Beach body perfect. Where art meets science.

Dr. Thomas Su sketching at Art Lipo in Tampa, FL
Dr. Thomas Su sketching at Art Lipo in Tampa, FL
Dr. Thomas Su sketching at ArtLipo in Tampa, FL

With spring in full bloom, there’s still time to get ready for bikini season. And if diet and exercise have not yet helped you obtain the beach body you want, new trends in liposuction might be the answer.

While diet, exercise and attitude toward body image are of utmost importance when it comes to being ready to lounge at the beach, for those that want to feel a little slimmer or more sculpted in their bathing suit, liposuction can help remove troublesome fat. For some people, regardless of how many miles they run, or how hard they train at the gym, reducing stubborn fat can be difficult.

The media reports daily on new trends and technologies to help you lose that extra inch or three, but not all laser and light lunch-time lipo techniques will leave you with the body you want. Sometimes it’s a combination of art and science that can get you the best results. Dr. Thomas Su, an advocate of using the tumescent technique for liposuction combined with a traditional approach is also an artist, a fact he feels is important to the ultimate result a patient will experience with any form of body sculpting procedures. Dr. Su practices and owns Art Lipo in Tampa, FL.

“We offer patients the latest technologies and techniques to give them a more sculpted body, or younger looking facial contours, and an all-around amazing look,” said Dr. Su. “We also make sure that we perform liposuction under the safest circumstances and by using tried and true techniques, which is why I prefer to use the tumescent technique.”

According to Dr. Su, tumescent liposuction utilizes local anesthesia which allows patients to remain awake during the surgery and experience less risks, as well as a quicker recovery time. Tumescent liposuction has become one of the most accepted methods to help physicians conduct liposuction without the need for general anesthesia, or a hospital stay. As a result, liposuction has become the number one cosmetic surgery procedure according to recent statistics.

“Liposuction has grown worldwide in popularity, and the more artistically inclined the surgeon is, the better the result the patient will have,” continued Dr. Su. “I love art as much as I love medicine and I have been an artist my entire life. Body sculpting is a form of art and making the patient happy with their newly sculpted body is not something that everyone performing liposuction can achieve.”

Dr. Su explained that when a patient comes to him for liposuction, it is not because they expect to look bone thin, or achieve a Barbie-like body, but rather are hoping to achieve symmetry and balance in their body, or simply have the desire to achieve a better definition in their jaw line. Some patients say they feel that their lower body appears disproportionate to their upper body (or visa versa) and they want their hips and thighs reduced and sculpted to give them a better overall shape. Other patients may carry extra fat in their arms that they find unattractive when wearing sleeveless dresses, and want their arms to appear more sculpted and less flabby.

“Liposuction has come a long way since the early days when it was a rather extreme procedure to undergo and people weren’t as understanding of the benefits of good nutrition and regular exercise,” continued Dr. Su. “When you combine that with a doctor that understands proportions and artistry, along with science and medicine, well, you have a winning combination.”

It was before becoming a medical doctor and liposuction specialist that Dr. Su was a lover of art, and a painter in his own right. He has been an artist his whole life and feels now that he expresses that art in the way he trims and sculpts a person’s face and body. While a student at Rice University, prior to medical school, he further developed his artistic skills as an art major and grew to love drawing and sculpting the human figure. Dr. Lu’s paintings and sculptures are showcased at his practice.

“After finishing my BA in Fine Arts I went on to medical school, ultimately becoming a liposuction specialist,” explained Dr. Su. “Performing liposuction is an area I excel because of my artistic training and skill as an artist. True to being an artist, I thrive on the satisfaction that my patients understand and see the human benefits of my artistic skills.”

With summer just around the corner, Dr. Su makes the following recommendations to anyone considering liposuction in preparation for bathing suit season:

1. Don’t get drawn in by new technology. Most of the newest ‘non-invasive’ modalities, whether they be laser, radio frequency, or cooling techniques, deliver very minimal results.
2. Choose a doctor based on his experience performing liposuction. Experience in terms of length of time performing the technique, and the number of patients they have treated should be taken into consideration.
3. Review before-and-after photos of results similar to the type of procedure you desire. Make sure that the photos are actual photos of patients that the doctor has treated.
4. Ask to speak with a variety of patients who have had treatment by the doctor you are considering to perform your liposuction.
5. Be aware of recovery times. Patients heal differently and you want to make sure you have adequate time to heal prior to a vacation, or other event where you want the result of your liposuction to be final.


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