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Be yourself, don't be "needy"

Be who you truly are, don't hide your emotions or feelings with a man.

In today's world of "women's lib" and being told that as a women you must work harder, fight hard and be stronger to make it in a "man's world" so many women purposely behave in an independent and strong manner which causes the man in the relationship to have an unrealistic view of her. We as women forget to be feminine!

Woman mistakenly believe that always being positive and upbeat and never voicing her concerns will cause a man to find her more appealing, she is only half right.

While men do find that approach appealing, this approach is doomed for failure because they have fallen prey to the believe that men want a woman who is convenient when in reality men always prefer the woman who can own a man's heart.

Over time, this approach causes a man to think that a woman doesn’t have any needs and that nothing bothers them. As the relationship continues to progress, and issues remain ignored and/or unattended to, emotions begin to build up inside of these women.

Then, after weeks or months an unpleasant incident occurs that causes her to gush emotions. The emotion could be sadness, agitation, the impulse to know what he’s doing all the time, to talk to him frequently, and so on.

The man is not accustomed to seeing this type of behavior and intense feelings from this woman.

Suddenly he is wondering where this person came from and wonders why he didn't see the "real" woman before. Frequently, this chain of events can lead to a break up, and the woman is left to wonder what she can do to get her man back.

Here is what you can do: Let the man in your life know when something bothers you before it builds up. If you simply hold it in, there will come a day when your emotions will overwhelm you….and him.

Be honest and open from the beginning and your relationship has a better chance of making it long term.

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