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Be your own wardrobe editor

Fact: I have never subscribed to a magazine.
Fact #2: I have however flipped through the Sassy subscription my sister had when she was 15.

Why have I never had a magazine mailed to me? Because nothing ever changes. You Guys, season after season, fancy runway show after fancy runway show, fashion is recycled from New York to London – Paris to Milan. Originality is dead, and it might not come back for a while. Today, people just put their own spin on what inspires them, and that's pretty much how our universe works. I mean, I'm sure there are other ways our universe works – ways that involve physics, and time and space, and those italicized Xs with the tiny numbers floating around them. But my point is, I never felt the need to waste my money for other people to tell me 1. What looks good on my body, 2. How to know if I'm really in love, or 3. What kind of personality I have.

Why? Because 1. I have a mirror, 2. My knees buckled when I saw him, and 3. I'm an AB: Controlling, neurotic, and competitive, but compassionate, empathetic, and awesome. Basically, I can't be categorized.

Cosmo totally owes me like, $12.95.

What we're talking about today, is learning how to edit your wardrobe. By yourself. That's the key. Understand who you are, and what your fashion vision for yourself is. Most of the edits are easy to understand, but like going on a diet, follow-through can be hard.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

First, Buy the right size. Ladies of the world, seriously, buy the right size. I said it twice because that's how important it is. I know it can be tough – you're going to get smaller, you might get bigger...blah, blah, stop with the excuses! Your closet should not have a size 2 and a size 10. If you're pushing your body that much in either direction, chances are you're a 6. Try it on. Twice if you have to. And if it doesn't fit you, put it back. All this see-sawing with sizes is not good for anyone's psyche.

Next, Get rid of what you don't wear. I would never suggest you toss your clothes, but I will suggest you donate them. Part with what you haven't used by sending stuff to Goodwill, or swing by an outfit like Buffalo Exchange, where you can trade in your old clothes for someone else's. Or, sell your stuff, and then go buy ice cream. The options are endless.

And finally, know what looks good on you. This might mean that you have to bypass this season's hottest trends, but that's okay. Not every trend looks good on all body types, but as long as you have a handful of killer pieces that look amazing on you, and make you feel good then you're headed in the right direction. You, and your newly edited wardrobe.


  • Organica 5 years ago

    It's like some people should be fined for wearing tights!

  • sarah 5 years ago

    Totally disagree with the above comment. People should where whatever they're comfortable in and what think they look good in, whether they're size 2 or 22!

  • sarah 5 years ago

    Ok, so turns out its the comment below lol.
    Also, wear** - Oopsy!

  • Me 5 years ago

    haha so true! no one needs to have magazines tell them what to wear and what not to. use the mirror people!

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