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Be your own publisher and literary agent for free online

Has it always been on your bucket list to write and publish a book? Have you tried pitching your ideas to literary agents and publishers with minimal or no success? Well you are not out of the game by any sense.

There are several great self-publishing sites that are FREE to use and distribute your book(s).

The three major sites are;

  2. Kindle Direct Publishng

Other sites that allow self-publishing at no cost to the author are;


So where should a budding author go to first. As a social media world, check out any of the groups/clubs/lists on the major outlets such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Go to each of the site and read up on their requirements, royalties and fees if any.

All of them have guides and templates for you to download and start writing, So, NEVER pay for a template, that is just a waste of money. At first, you are going to want to be a publishing fool, and send it all over the place. Keep in mind, writing your book is the easy part. Publishing is a bit more difficult, but getting the word out is the hardest.

This writer, has used all six of the above sites for his self-publishing needs and goals. After his first go around, the decision was made to stick with the big three. Frankly, you can kill two birds with one stone on as it also gives you an option to publish to kindle direct from its site.

Royalties are what you make of them. Don’t base your decision on who pays you the most. You should base it on who has the most exposure. You can easily find that out by public record and publication sizes.

Createspace and Kindle Direct, pay 60 days past the month, ie: sales ending june 30th are paid by August 31st. There is no threshold. (ie nookpress) doesn’t pay out until you have $10 in royalties.

So grab your best app and put your imagination and knowledge in print.

You can also see a whole list on Wikipedia.

You can check out the writers two books, “The Bounty of the Sea” and “Decades of Fear” at

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