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Be who you are meant to be

Just as the seasons change from winter to spring we too grow and change from innocent fledgling infants to adults with responsibilities and obligations that are necessary if we are to survive. No longer do our mothers cut the crust off our grilled cheese and our laundry no longer magically appears, clean and folded, in our drawers and closets. The car won't run if we don't put gas in it and we can't do that if we have no money to buy gas. We, thus, get jobs where we learn the value of hard work and effort. This is life and sometimes life really is no fun at all.

Growth from child to adult can often times be a difficult journey to make and can leave our spirits crushed and crumpled from the impact of failure and mistakes.  When we do well we ride the crest of success as far as it will take us, reaping the rewards of our positive progress and milking it for all it is worth. Nothing lasts forever, as we often learn, and times can change so easily. When we look at the current economy it is quite clear that if we do not learn to adapt to the societal status quo we will be left in the dust with naught but a newspaper and a cardboard box.

We go through many phases in life. Happiness and sadness, loss and gain, the way we dress and the music we listen to all are subject to flux and we have that right to change our minds when we see fit. We can chose to follow the popular crowd and conform to their style or think outside the box and find a style that fits our inner selves. Though we may be met with adversity by those who do not have open minds enough to accept that we are not all cookie cutouts of one another, this too shall pass. If we fall to the opinions of others how can we ever be true to what makes us all unique?

Staying true to our own desires helps to keep all aspects of our lives in a harmonious balance. When we look good we feel good. When we feel good we have more energy to accomplish more goals. Everything relies on finding the happy medium for what is right for us. Only when we find the balance in our lives can we find the strength to move forward to greater things.

If we get so caught up in following the in crowd we lose sight of our own merits. Suddenly we are merely members of a flock whose' progress is dictated by the latest trends and not their own individual creativity and vision. Perhaps we are afraid to strike it on our own because it seems difficult to think for oneself when we finally detach from the teat of hive mentality. Fear not, for this transition can go smoothly when you accept that you are not a lemming but a person with wonderful ideas to share with the world. Each individual helps to create the whole and every thought helps to create the beauty that we all share.

Even when it seems difficult to find your own niche in this world, do not lose heart. If for fear of failure we do not try then we have certainly failed already. Life is within your grasp so live it and don't look back. When you lose faith in yourself you may find you lose the energy to put into genuine effort. This may result in falling flat on your face, even when you are so close to success you can smell it.

Being yourself can be scary but in reality we all are just pieces to the puzzle. With patience, understanding and compassion we can all learn to coexist in  harmony. If everyone was the same wouldn't the world be such a boring place?

Life is your coloring book . Make something gorgeous.