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Be wary of consuming raw cacao powder in excess

Find raw cacao powder at Whole Foods and try it some of the food at Bliss Raw Cafe & Elixir Bar.
Find raw cacao powder at Whole Foods and try it some of the food at Bliss Raw Cafe & Elixir Bar.
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  • Pat 6 years ago

    The Bliss drink is fabulous and will make you feel sooo healthy. Not like a "rush" ... just alert and feeling good. However, you should not drink it everyday if you have kidney problems or get kidney stones! I bought some of the products (online) that Bliss recommends for making the drink at home. You only use one tablespoon per drink ... and you don't drink more than one a day. If you do have kidney problems, you shouldn't drink even one drink a day ... maybe just 2 or 3 a week (and I'm guessing on that last number).

  • Amanda C. Strosahl 6 years ago

    I've never used raw cacoa powder. Thanks for the warning.

    Sims Examiner
    Indianapolis Healthy Living Examiner

  • Betty 5 years ago

    The toxins are not in the cacao bean. The toxins are in your body already and the cocoa drink is flushing those toxins out. So do take it in small amounts and see how your body reacts. Here's to your health.

  • TK_ 5 years ago

    "But what’s really happening is that the body is having an adrenal response to the stress of eliminating the toxins found in cacao beans. What you experience is actually the body working to establish balance, or homeostasis."

    Right, and whats your source on this information?? Doesnt sound very credible. Maybe next time you should do a bit more research and at least state your sources before making major claims like this.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Thank you for this article because I was not aware of what raw cacao powder was until I watch Dr.Oz on TV today and he recommend using this ingredient in Butt Busting Brownies. Thank you again and I will be conscious not to over indulge.

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