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Be warned of Drop Ship eBay promoters

As a certified business consultant trained by eBay it saddens me when I receive phone calls from people that have fallen prey to drop-shipping scams. I receive at least one call a week on the minimum. Many have joined drop ship sites that were recommended by people that they felt were “reliable sources.”  Some were found on late night TV while others were from online radio stations and websites.

Today I wanted to try to educate eBay sellers to the fact that many reliable sources are only promoting sites because they get a kick-back from companies when you sign up or they are paid advertising spots directly from the companies.

  You may have noticed this while visiting different websites around the internet with advertisements showing on the pages. Keep in mind it may have nothing to do with the article but is being seen on the page as a visual commercial.

Many different ads show up on sites throughout the internet. What upsets me the most is the numerous calls and emails I receive from sellers that trusted their time and money into drop-shipping companies. Many have invested their savings, their weekly income and I even met one that dipped into their children’s college fund with the high hopes of doubling their money.

I understand we are living in difficult times, but please do your research before investing into the “get rich quick” promises that many advertising types support. Because of all of these types of coaching, consulting and drop-shipping ecommerce promises.

Pay attention to which ads you are clicking on and what kind of promises you are being promised. Do the research and google for reviews about people, places and education before investing. See what types of companies are endorsing and learn the difference between paid endorsements’, affiliate endorsements and genuine people loving the product kind of endorsements.

I am a certified education specialist trained by eBay and I promote a website that I believe in because of my personal experience since 1997 with the site. I’ve seen it all over the years with sellers being fooled by Get-rich-quick eBooks sold from the eBay pulse to broken promises of get-rich-quick drop-ship vendors pushing their sites yearly and monthly memberships.

Bottom line, pay attention and do your research before spending your hard earned money.

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