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Be the unreasonable man in 2014

The great British playwright George Bernard Shaw (who wrote the classic Pygmalion, the source material for the Broadway musical "My Fair Lady") once said:

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;
the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.
Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man

For one of your 2014 resolutions, consider being the unreasonable man or woman.

Start by looking around you and asking yourself, What is unacceptable? What is intolerable? What must change?

"Adapting the world" to yourself means not being satisfied by what others are shoveling your way. Politicians. The media.

Once you have identified the targets of your dissatisfaction, next comes action planning. Pinpointing the things you plan to do that will make a difference. Even a small one.

It means being an agent of change for the better.

Today happens to be my birthday. I am turning 59. A friend sent me this birthday wish:

"Stay unreasonable, Terry. Have a great year!"

I plan to.

Note: Here is a Fast Company article in the same vein: 5 Weird Habits That Make People Successful And Awesome

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Sunday January 5, 2014

Terrence H. Seamon is a consultant who provides leadership and team development services to organizations. His book Lead the Way explores the challenges of leadership. Additionally, Terry is a job search and career coach whose book To Your Success provides a motivational guide for anyone in transition. His third book, Change for the Better, provides leaders with a guide to initiating, and navigating through, organizational change. Terry co-founded and co-moderates the St. Matthias Employment Ministry in Somerset, NJ. His free whitepaper on job search and transition, called "Galvanize Into Action," is available by sending him an email request. He can be reached at and via his website:

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