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Be the sparkle on the beach

The 4th of July is a wonderful holiday and it is even better here in Charleston; the weather, the beaches, the people, we know people in other cities and states are jealous; so here is another reason. Charleston’s beaches are awesome; but ladies we still want to look good as we are strolling on the beach with our guy…Right? Here are some great makeup tips that will give you a natural look but will still give you sparkle on the beach.

1. Foundation- I love using rice powder foundation; my new favorite is dual wet and dry rice powder foundation. This powder leaves a unique silky finish and very lightweight. The rice powder foundation is perfect for Charleston weather; it contains, hyaluronic acid for moisture, ginseng, green tea and Aloe Vera. The benefits of this product is beyond just flawless skin, it I great for the skin period.

2. Eye Shadow- Wearing eye shadow at the beach should always be very natural; neutral colors are the key. Browns, rusts, coral, and even gold are great beachy eye shadows. I like Face First Pro’s Oasis, it is a dual baked shadow powder of sunburst coral and deep brown and it is also crease resistant; so you will have long lasting come hither eyes at the beach.

3. Eyeliner and Mascara- I like gel eyeliner as opposed to pencil and of course your liner and your mascara has to be waterproof.

4. Cheek- Blush should always be very sedate and maybe a little highlight to compliment. I like using a baked powder, mineral or a mineral-matte powder for a little bit of cheekiness on the beach

5. Lips- Lips for the beach should always be neutral and natural with a little gloss or pink or coral for a flirty pout.

There you have it ladies all the tools you need to have great beach makeup to dazzle and sparkle along with the fireworks!

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