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Be the next Harry Potter by taking online Hogwarts courses

Virtually attend Hogwarts!
Virtually attend Hogwarts!
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Ever since the first Harry Potter book came out in 1998 (via Scholastic), people have dreamed of attending their own School of Wizardry. Some desire greatness and want to do good. Others desire revenge and are drawn to the Dark Arts. Now, whatever your magical aspirations may be, you can take online Hogwarts courses, and work your way to magical greatness.

Yes, Hogwarts is now online, according to an article by Time magazine. The best part is, it's free! was created by a bunch of die-hard fans, who wish to share the magic with their fellow Potter fanatics. Prospective students go to the site to create their online profile. You can be yourself, or role play as your favorite character creation. All students enter as a first-year student, and can make their way through all seven years. Courses last for nine weeks at a time, and all must be completed before being promoted to the next level. Complete assignments, usually short essays, at your own pace. New lessons are available every seven days from when you sign up. You can also participate in online trivia games, which add to your house points.

Submit your information to get your acceptance letter signed by Minerva McGonagall, and then enroll in the school to get started!

Not interested in being a Hogwarts student? Volunteer to be a professor, write a textbook, or to maintain other virtual aspects of the school and the website, under the Careers tab. These positions are unpaid, but how much fun would any of them be?

So, get your Potter on! Reread the books, watch the movies again, and then join in the fun!

Thousands of fans have already signed up, so the site is a little slow, but hang in there!

You can also follow the school on Twitter @HiHFans.

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