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Be in the know about your rights with law enforcement

This Thursday's program provides the audience with improved awareness of their rights when encountering the police.  Given the recent high-profile cases of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, this promises to be a helpful program.
Used with the permission of the DeKalb Lawyers Association

Mike Brown.

Eric Garner.

These are two of the more recent and high-profile cases where questions are raised regarding the use of force by some who work in law enforcement. Review of the degree of interaction which may have contributed to such outcomes are considered perplexing by some; others view it as a "way of life" or "matter of fact" that this is part of the means and rules of engagement that some in law enforcement use at a moment's notice.

With the multiple views and perspectives, it is evident there is a degree of non-clarity, even reservation, when it comes to what is or is not the norm in dealings with law enforcement. The trepidation some may feel may also stem from a systematic lack of knowledge and access to resources regarding what individuals can and cannot do in such situations and scenarios.

On Thursday, August 29th, starting promptly at 7pm, the Thankful Missionary Baptist Church, located at 830 W College Ave in Decatur, GA (under the leadership of senior pastor Dr. F. Keith Slaughter), is hosting an informative program to help youth, adults, and all in the immediate community become better acquainted with knowledge and application of their rights in the event there is an encounter with the police. Entitled "Know Your Rights When Encountering The Police", the collaborative event promises to provide timely, pertinent, and relevant information for all.

The DeKalb Lawyers Association, The 100 Black Men of DeKalb County, Let Us Make Man, ITSBIGGERTHANYOU Non-Violence Campaign, the Davis-Bozeman Law Firm (coming off their recent workshop on August 21st), and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement are the entities who are partnering in hosting the event. Attorneys and legal experts are focused in providing review and application of practices grounded in assisting youth and parents in knowing and utilizing their rights in the event they are ever in a situation of the aforementioned nature. In focusing on educating and empowering the audience, it can provide a useful setting given the current cases that are taking place.

The event is free and open to the general public.

Knowledge is power and is the key to success. In cases along these lines, it can provide an improved means of helping ensure interactions are of a constructive nature and do not escalate into situations that may be more complex and complicated, including the potential for the use of force or misuse due to individuals simply not knowing the law or their rights.

This Thursday, be in the know.

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