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Be sure to write it down.

There are plenty ways to cope with symptoms of mental illness. I could sit here and name close to a hundred if I really tried to. But one of the easiest in my opinion is journaling. It gives you a chance to be free and open with yourself. There is no need to feel tight or uneasy. Writing down your feelings can do wonders over time.

When writing in a journal you become to understand who you are and what you are going through. It can be as easy as saying you feel horrible today and you don't want to do anything but sit around. Then you can tell yourself why you don't want to do anything. When you do that you can tap into the emotion that is signaling that feeling. It's a great way of opening up your mind to what is going on inside of you.

The best thing about journaling is when you go back to read it after a few months or a year. It shows you how you felt at the time and the progress that has occurred since then. It can be a great confidence builder for overcoming mental illness.

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