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Be Successful in the World of Dating: a Well-Written Men's Guide

Ken Bolden

In today’s society it has become incredibly difficult to be confident and firm in your beliefs, given that we are constantly bombarded with images of what we should look like, act like, and be like. It seems that we’re never beautiful enough, skinny enough, charming enough, and so on. Not only does this create an impossible-to-achieve ideal, but it also affects millions of people, determining them to be less self-confident and outspoken. This doesn’t impact only women – although they seem to be the main target of companies and advertisements –, but men as well. Given this situation, it is no surprise that many people cringe at the thought of approaching the opposite sex and asking for a date.

The stronger sex, as it is generally called, is just as affected as women are by this current state of things. Having observed this and having accumulated years of experience in the dating world, Ken Bolden decided to write a guide that would help men in their attempts to find a potential life partner. “The High Side of Five: Nice Guys Five Point Paradigm for Casual Dating Success” offers a guaranteed-to-work dating strategy, including advice, suggestions, and valuable insights from the author.

There are several factors which determine whether a man is successful in life, factors which range from age to social class, from career-choice to lifestyle, and so on. However, regardless of all these things, any man who has always had difficulties in approaching a woman and asking her out may benefit from reading Ken Bolden’s guide. After reading “The High Side of Five,” you will know how to determine if a woman is interested in dating you, without having to her directly and without relying on the advice of other acquaintances. This guide also explains why you should expect a positive response when asking for a date, providing seven reasons as to why this is the case.

Ken Bolden’s guide is well-written, nicely structure, and easy-to-understand. “The High Side of Five: Nice Guys Five Point Paradigm for Casual Dating Success” is the ideal guide for any man who wishes to be successful in the world of dating. You may find it on Amazon.

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