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Be successful in taking off those holiday pounds!

Making good food choices is just part of a healthy lifestyle.
Making good food choices is just part of a healthy lifestyle.

Over the Christmas season, many Calgary families will enjoy several treats and dinners with friends and family. Part of the holiday spirit can be taking advantage of all of the snacks and dinners that you share with others. If you are like many other individuals, often restraint and saying 'No' to sugary items or not having a second helping of turkey is hard to do. Do not feel bad for indulging over the holidays, but rather just take stock of what you will continue to do now going forward.

One way to get yourself on the right track is keeping a food journal. If you have to write down everything that you eat during the day, you are more conscious of what you are taking in and how much. You will find that you won't take a second helping of meatloaf or indulge on that late-night snack if you are writing down everything.

Keeping active is a great way to keeping yourself healthy. There is no need to get extreme in your activity, especially if you haven't done anything previously. A brisk walk or even some stretching is a great way to start getting active. Do not forget to progress though by increasing the intensity or amount of time as you go on so that you can gain the full effect of keeping active and healthy. Participating in activities with your children like swimming, sledding or even playing active games such as Wii can help bring your heart rate up.

Let others know what you are trying to accomplish. With support from other family members and friends, you are help more accountable for your actions and will tend to stray less from making healthy choices such as foods and daily activity. Often other family members or friends will want to join you in your quest and help with meal planning or accompanying you on walks.

Just remember that if you have one bad day, do not let it get you down. You can always start again tomorrow and hopefully be more successful.