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Be sexy and in control of your life

Women who are sexy & in control know the value of being in tune with every aspect of their lives. Here are the top 11 things that every sexy woman should do on a daily basis!

Audit Your Goals
Continue what is going well for in your life and & nurture it!
Get into the habit of recounting your day's accomplishments and re-framing your goals at the end of each day-doing so will leave you feeling fulfilled and renew your confidence in what you are working towards

Appreciate Your Life
So many times we are reminded to never take anything for granted. Take time to count your blessings and be thankful for all that you have on a daily basis. Be specific of the things that you are thankful for and you will continue to be blessed.

Do a Good Deed
Doing something good for somebody else less fortunate than you each day will make you feel amazing and boost your karma.

Love yourself
It's true what they say-You can't love anyone until you learn how to love yourself. Nurture your Inner Confidence. Tell yourself "I LOVE YOU" everyday- both your strengths and flaws.

Pay someone a Compliment
When you pay someone a compliment you are showcasing your own inner confidence and you could be making someone's day!

Whether you are a Size 2 or 12 it does not matter- It will energize you and make you feel sexy!

“Me Time"
Take at least 20 minutes out of your day to spend completely alone. Every sexy woman owes it to herself to have some "quiet time"- whether you curl up with a good book or take an extra long shower, spending time alone will help you discover more about yourself and is proven to strengthen your relationships with others.

Work Hard
There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of accomplishment. Work hard and you will reap many benefits.

Get out of Your Funk
Having a moment? Before you decide to call your friends and throw yourself a "pity party" download motivational books or read inspirational quotes when you find yourself in an emotional funk. Giving yourself this kind of "attitude adjustment" alleviates you from pouring your problems and negative energy on the ones you love and leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world!

Increase the Quality of your Life
Seize the day! Find out your passions and throw yourself into improving the quality of your life!

Have a Fantasy and Visualize
Whether it's fantasizing about that super-hot sexy guy of your wildest dreams or visualizing yourself in your perfect body with your dream job, use the power of your mental eye and let your visualizations materialize into reality. Remember, thoughts become things!

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