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Be Responsible When Smoking Marijuana

Be Responsible When Smoking Marijuana
Be Responsible When Smoking Marijuana
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The complaints are being heard. The I told you so's are being said. Yes, two states Colorado and Washington have allowed their citizens the privilege to smoke marijuana but that doesn't give you the right to blow smoke back into their faces. There are still people who don't like the idea of legalized marijuana. So rather than just appreciating being able to enjoy that joint, people are going out and acting like little children who just received a new toy.

Those that are saying we told you so are speaking out and they are being heard. This is not good. All those who have been smoking marijuana in the shadows could very well lose the new-found privilege, that's right privilege, of doing it legally.

Just as with the repeal of prohibition, when alcohol was legalized back in the 30's, there is that madness that comes with change. We must still be responsible. When driving a car, when operating heavy machinery, there is still a safety issue. When you have parties with children around or merely around people who don't smoke, there is still that consideration that must be maintained.

Think about it, the New York Times one of the oldest papers in the country has come out for national legalization. The President and Congress have lightened up about national legalization. We are on the verge of accomplishing what every person who has smoked or still does smoked has desired, the complete legalization of marijuana.

In Florida some 88% of the state want Amendment 2 to be passed. Amendment 2 deals with medical marijuana containing THC which if implemented responsibly could be our pathway toward complete legalization. Unfortunately the states that are considered the testing grounds are acting irresponsibly. So I ask those of you who have those rights, please do not blow it for the rest of the country.

There is much riding on all this and all your fellow countrymen are asking you to smoke responsibly and don't Bogart the joint. Thanks to John Morgan it will become a reality in Florida. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to