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Be reborn, connect to your deepest passions and face life as a pioneer

Oregon Trail reenactment via Wikipedia
Oregon Trail reenactment via Wikipedia
Oregon Trail reenactment

Thursday march 20, 2014: Happy New Year, astrological New Year that is! And... Happy first day of Spring. It's been a long winter. While many individuals were trudging through 3 feet of actual snow, everyone has, in one way or another, been trudging through 3 feet of metaphorical snow... Yes, it's been chilly and slow going the last few months..

But today the Spring Equinox arrives as the astrological Sun into Aries. Signaling a time to forgive, forget and move on, fortified and strengthened by the experiences of life and the knowledge of who and what is the most important to you.

Stay connected to your deepest passions, be brave, be bold, be enthusiastic and face life as a pioneer. You may not yet know exactly where you're going, but after the long slow winter you should have a pretty good idea. So... Embrace the journey, and let any boundaries, barriers and bumps you encounter along the way shape your new direction.

Today's Quote

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Please note: The sky speaks to you if you will let it. Every day it delivers a message that each person hears in a uniquely different way. What do these daily self-help messages mean to you and your life? To find an astrologer or to find out more about Patricia ~ click here.

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