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Be proactive this Summer

Students may be on summer break, but that does not mean that one should stop learning.  It is a good idea to read ahead, or to try to get a head start on one's coursework for the following semester.  Write to your professors and ask them for the syllabus in advance, ask what parts of the books will be read, what one should read first.  Many professors do not mind giving out the syllabus early.

Doing this is one way of truly taking advantage of all the resources students today have (email, networking, google, etc). Being proactive is definitely a smart idea, especially since colle. ge professors often assign a lot of reading over the course of a semester. Starting early gives one an idea of what the text is about and gets a fair amount of the actual work out of the way so that one can focus on other, more pressing assignments.

Other ways to be proactive include visiting the professor during his or her office hours, or emailing him or her with questions if you do not understand something or need something explained.  Many people occasionally feel embarrassed about asking for help. It is something that many people go through, so you are not alone.


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