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Be part of the World Cup action: Win $1,000 With Zyrtec Allergen Defender Game

Be part of the World Cup action:  Win $1,000 With Zyrtec Allergen Defender Game
Be part of the World Cup action: Win $1,000 With Zyrtec Allergen Defender Game

The FIFA World Cup has literally taken over the world's nations and has brought people together. As an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, Zyrtec is joining in the action fun, while also helping folks around the globe from enduring debilitating allergens that make all feel bad and not looking their best.

Take a chance of winning the $1000

Simply kick dreaded allergies away and take a chance to win $1000 gift card.

In their effort to keep the World Cup soccer spirit alive, Zyrtec has introduced the Zyrtec Allergen Defender game on Facebook for an opportunity to win a $1,000 gift card.

The Zyrtec Allergen Defender game is fun and let's everyone have a chance to get involved in the FIFA spirit of the soccer action. You get to be the goalie defending your goal from the nasty irritating allergens like pollen, grass and dander from getting in. The game is all about having fun practicing goal-keeping skills for an opportunity to win a $1,000 gift card.

Have fun with the challenge to block as many allergens as you can from entering your goal.

Do your FIFA best to keep the bad allergens from getting by your efforts as a defending goal keeper. The game ends when five allergens get past you and enter into your goal. At the end of the game enter your score for an opportunity to win. The players with the top three scores in the Zyrtec Allergen Defender Contest will win a $1,000 gift card.

Once you complete the game you have an additional chance for extra awards. After the game is completed a "Secret Word" will be unlocked in that you will be able to redeem for points at Every Tuesday a new "secret Word" will be revealed for more chances to win additional rewards. With Zyrtec Rewards, you can redeem points for Zyrtec coupons, movie tickets, magazines, cosmetics, music downloads and more!

Have a blast trying over and over to get the highest score playing every day now through August 4. Perhaps you can be one of the three players winning the top scores and the $1,000 gift card. Remember Zyrtec already makes all winners when it comes to defending against dreaded allergies. Feel beautiful and at your fashionable best by fighting off the allergies.

Keep the World Cup spirit alive; never be afraid to dance!

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