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Be mindful and respectful of your roommate and their belongings

Sometimes sharing isn't always the best option when clothes are the topic

Growing up, parents always tell their children not to do anything that they wouldn’t want done to themselves. These are words of wisdom passed down from generation to generation and are not meant to go in one ear and out the other. This definitely applies when you are living with your roommate.
The first thing you need to know is that personal things are off limits. Not everyone is comfortable with people just taking things without their permission. Granted, there are people who don’t mind when you use their things. However, things like soap, shaving supplies, deodorant or feminine products are extremely personal and shouldn’t be touched without permission. It’s better to ask because your roommate may just have an extra supply of what you need and wouldn’t mind giving you your own.
Borrowing things can be a rickety bridge. Always ask to borrow any article of clothing or jewelry. These things could hold significance to the owner and they might be really expensive. You wouldn’t want to have to replace something that you don’t have the money for. When it comes to really expensive things, it’s wise not to borrow them because if you lose it, you are responsible for replacing it or giving your roommate the money to replace it. Ultimately, it creates a myriad of problems for a few hours of looking glamorous and it isn’t worth it.
Another good piece of advice would be to never barge into your roommate’s room. That is their personal space and when you live with other people, you are limited to how much privacy you have. There may be times when your roommate is not home and you need to go in their room. If you are in this situation, do not go in unless you have their permission. Simply get what you need from their room and exit and make sure your roommate knows that you are taking something from their room. If you cannot find it, make sure to put everything where it was when you entered. However, you don’t want to move too many things around because sometimes things can get lost in the process. If you are able, try to wait until your roommate gets home and look for the object together.
It’s also important to mention that your roommate may have company over and it’s rude to just walk in. Knock first and wait for a response. Knocking always help avoid those awkward situations. Be respectful of the guest in the house and give your roommate space.
Borrowing is okay but there is such a thing as too much borrowing. You don’t always want to be taking your roommates things because after all they belong to your roommate. Try to limit your borrowing as much as possible and if it is something that you wouldn’t let someone take, you shouldn’t take it. Remember never borrow things that you know that you do not have the proper income to replace.
Respect your roommate’s privacy because they only have but so much and you wouldn’t want someone invading your space all the time. So be mindful and respectful.

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