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Be Love

Orphan Children
Orphan Children

I received some hard news today, I received some hard news the past few weeks, we receive hard news, on the news every single day. Don’t believe me? Turn on your T.V. to any major news channel…. Any where.

It saddens me that children get hurt every day, that young children abuse younger children, because that is the example they get from their role models. It breaks my heart that we throw food out by the 1000’s of lbs and that I have literally seen an old man perish who lived in a bus stop bench area nothing left but his soiled pillow tossed in the garbage can, as if his life never existed. I used to leave food for him on occasion. Now, they are thinking to penalize people for feeding homeless without a license? To bar kindness… to perpetuate a story of un truth. When mothers and fathers criticize their children with their own stories instead of letting them follow their hearts, and support their happiness. To just love, for the sake of loving, to hold people close in a world and make them feel comforted because you can, be a hero. Choose to be wonderful, to be love.

You can put that opportunity to give and share, before even your own fear of being hurt, or unloved. You are the eternal all knowing love of all that exists on the planet, here, now, in this moment.

It’s a shame when we tell ourselves stories about people. When we’ve experienced someone become angry because we have a life and friends in the past, and so we brand that on a pure hearted soul who simply longs for respect and connection, communication, as well as freedom and authenticity, and she is willing also to not just receive but give, of course she longs for your happiness and enjoyment, and in a situation where trust is present, that is not a problem with balance. We place these stories about people. These hazards upon ourselves, if we are to change them, we have to see them first.

Love for the sake of loving, give for the sake to give.
I thought of this today, and I could not deny it any longer, was my art good enough, is it worthy? Am I worthy of love..these questions we ask ourselves, the most common thing that perpetuates ALL of our fears, millions of us… and I realize it as it showed up, it was the food on my stove at this moment, the drink in my golden rimmed cup, no longer could I deny my art(heart) and / or the validity of it’s worth.

And we can no longer deny our abilities as artists here in this world, to make a difference, to show up, to drop the pretense, and to believe in love.

There’s children out on the streets at this moment, dying of starvation, scared, cold, alone, I want them to know that someone out there loves them, and would change their fate if they could, in a moment. We have the power to be loving, to make a difference here friends, if we come together that is.

“No matter how your heart is grieving if you’ll keep on believing the dream that you wish, will come true.” – Cinderella


By Ashley Davene

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