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Be irresistible

drawing attention
drawing attention
photo by Brittany Bowling

If you are seeking attention and feel like you are striking out follow this guide to be irresistible.

Focus on yourself.

Become the person you want to be. If every time you look in the mirror you think “I wish I were thinner” start working out with gusto and live a healthier lifestyle in general. If you wish you knew more about politics or science set out the find out more.

Confidence is the sexiest trait any person, of either sex, can possess. When you are sure of yourself others are often draw to you. Spend time reminding yourself that you are a worthwhile and attractive person and your confidence will build naturally. Play up your best features in order to draw attention to what you already like about yourself.

Think about who you want to attract.

If you desperately want a mechanical engineer to notice you don't let your fear of math get in the way. Research the history of the field; just take the time to learn about engineering in general. Keep up with technology and breakthroughs in mechanics so that you can contribute to a conversation. If you can't spend a lifetime talking about these things this is not the person for you, if you don't share interests it is hard to share a life. Apply this same principle to any field.

If you are more interested in looks put time into your own appearance. This may not lead to a deep connection but then that's why we say “looks are only skin deep.”

Be pleasant.

Anything long term is going to require a deeper connection and most people want to be with someone who is thoughtful and kind. You don't have to be the center of attention to get noticed. Think about it in terms of who you'd rather be with, someone who will tell you how nice you look or someone who will tell you you're lucky to have landed such a stud.

Even if you aren't naturally a very nice person making the effort to say and do nice things can change your perspective and attitude.

If you find yourself unsure what to do in a given situation think “what would I want” and the best choice will usually come to you. Be the person you want to be with and others will certainly agree. 


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