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Be inspired by life

This year Seattle was the example of super-fan mania with the Seahawks first Super Bowl win, which although inspiring in itself; also includes many positive and inspiring stories surrounding Seahawks players.

Seattle inspiration
Otto Greule / Getty Images

Thoroughbred racing fans are holding on the brink of yet another suspenseful Belmont Stakes race, waiting to see if California Chrome will surpass many predecessors to win it all with this last jewel of the Triple Crown. Though the story of this horse and the family who raised and race him is inspiring enough thus far, it’d be a glorious finish to have this tale of small town dreams rise to win it all.

Those who have heard of We Day, know the impact this young movement has already had across the country. This far-reaching event travels the country with singers, community leaders and national speakers, leading today’s youth to inspiring actions that make positive impacts for themselves, their schools, communities and the world.

Even Hollywood is harnessing the power of the positive into creating successful superhero blockbusters where saving the day is a way of life; or spotlighting true stories that have audiences crying and cheering at the same time.

So at the end of every day, it can be said that such is life. Sometimes a losing year, sometimes a winning one. Going from being alone in a crowd to the reason for the crowd. Maybe it’s raising the bar from an elusiveness of dreaming, to a reality in sharing dreams with others. Or possibly it’s just letting a few hours of entertainment remind us that we can conquer the world, and have on previous occasions.

Be inspired by life, in life, and in the difference a day can make for anyone.

Nadia Riell is an editor and the author of Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life-Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential.

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